My podcast explores entertainment culture (nerd, pop, ect),self improvement and philosophy with a touch of whimsy and humor.


  • Seating audition (I'm not last chair but I'm still playing second.  I need to practice more,)
  • Nerdist Live & Smodcast live
  • Art House review: It is a fun movie.  If you are a fan of Chris Hardwick you'll want this movie.  If you are a fan girlfan boy you NEED this movie.  
  • Zombies vs. Gladiators: I want to live in a world where this movie is a thing!!!  I will start reading from this awesome script next show.
  • The ending song for the show is Shadow Rituals All-State Concert Band.  It was the song for my seating audition.

Thank you for reading/listening!

Your time is limited.  Make sure you spend some of it on things that help your long term contentment.  


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I wonder if I should call this the "I'm not Chris Hardwick's fan girl even though every podcast mentions Nerdist in some form or another."  But seriously, I have lots of fun talking about things.  I talk about the suprising number of downloads. 


There will be at the min of two more Nerdist Live shows.  


Fun Fact:  It's really Jonah that I'm after until being his fan girl became too mainstream.  ;-) 

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SaxyNerdist (New nickname?) heads to DC.  Yes it was my 4th live Nerdist Podcast.  I give a quick review of the show.  Lesson from the show: Chris IS half Italian and you should not piss him off.  Seriously.  Don't do it.  

 I give shout outs and do a 10 min quemment.  

If you like the quemment then pass it over to the Nerdist.  



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Still  have the plague, I think it is related to the construction in the library.  My lungs are weak and frail.  *sigh*

I'm off to Germany.

More DiHard Content:

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I have a week. Not much happened.....I am a top nerd on the Node.  I'm in good company! 

I'm working on my quemment for the Live Nerdist show in DC.  It has the potential to be awesome.  If I deliver it right it could be really powerful and awesome.


"Time is finite and nonrenewable, do not spend it on things that do not add to your long term happiness!" 

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A great group of Nerdist!

In this episode I talk about how I humble bragged!  Albert Brooks was gracious enough to reply to my tweet and wished Chris Hardwick a happy birthday.  This is the LAST time I'm mentioning it.  I swear/promise!  

I talk about the live show.  It was awesome! I got home at 1am but it was totally worth it.

Gladstone now follows me on twitter.  I have a feeling he won't be if he ever listens to this podcast. 

New ideas for segments:

1) A verse and a chorus...i sing a verse and a chorus of my favorite songs.  I love singing and this is a way to help me find my voice....

2) Bad Acting Theater.  I read from a script posted on Amazon script.  I am looking at Gladiators vs. Zombies.  This movie needs to be made.


Important Links:

1) Hate by Numbers

2) What if there were no more internet?  Find the answers here:

3) Nerdist Episode 146, Northampton, MA:


Thank you for listening!!

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Chris Hardwick had a birthday.  I did stuff.  Was it epic?  Probably not in the big picture of the universe or Mr. Hardwick's life but everyone learned an important lesson and grew as a result.


I did a video too:


Thanks for listening!

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  • The node
  • Marching Band
  • Mike Phirman (who is awesome)

Thank you for listening
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Listen to me babble on about my week and the newest social networking site 

It is currently in beta but shows a great deal of promise as well as the ability to chew up time.



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Music is Tim Mnchin's Not Perfect.  Much like that title this song is less than perfection.  Who needs perfection when you got heart right?  Mmmm.....

I wrote the lyrics and sang the song.  I'm not sure it was one of my better ideas.  While I love singing I'm not sure others love hearing it.  




This is the Nerdist

It is a community

fulled with nice and creative people

It was started by a guy who

hosted a show called singled out

and now he #humblebrags about that hair


And here's the really weid part

It was really simple at the start 

but now it is a global phenomena

This is the Nerdist

and its fine

it's where we spend the vast majroity of our (free) time

it's  not perfect but it's ours

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