My podcast explores entertainment culture (nerd, pop, ect),self improvement and philosophy with a touch of whimsy and humor.

A very special Thank You to Trevor! He brought my vision of a logo to life! I feel like a real podcast now that I have a dedicated logo! *HUGS*

  • Shooting in CT
  • Read this article on the CT Tragedy:
  • I wish Chris Hardwick smelled like petrocol.
  • We (my guy and I) actually live in Markt Schwarben not Poing. Roland works in Poing. I know this!
  • Christmas and what it has come to mean to me. For me the holiday season is a time to decompress from the busy fall and get ready for the spring. This year it is very hard for me to be excited about Christmas. I cannot believe another year is gone. I'll save the introspection for next week's podcast.
  • Comments from Twitter: @DanBeyerle :listening to "Ho Ho Hoey" while setting up decorations and opening presents. Favorite Movie is "A Christmas Story"
  • @JamesEnsor: The Home Alone Dualogy. I don't consider 3, 4, or 5 to be legit Home Alone movies. #53
  • @Kacibelle national lampoon's Christmas vacation #holidayshenanagians
  • @rhinosaur aka Curtis: Muppet Christmas Carol followed closely by The Ref.
  • @Louie_Moo I think my favorite Christmas movie is probably Gremlins.
  • Invisible Mikey: Left a lovely message on my WordPress page.
  • My Top 5 and why.

Have a safe and fun holiday season! Remember, do not give up what you want most for what you want right now! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and listen to my silly little podcast. Songs used: Open up wide performed by the 2008 URI Marching Band under the direction of Brian Cardany. Do it anyway by Ben Folds Five

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