My podcast explores entertainment culture (nerd, pop, ect),self improvement and philosophy with a touch of whimsy and humor.
Get Well Larry Miller!

In this episode I will talk about:

  • Larry J. Miller! He was on an episode of "You Made it Weird" He also has his weekly podcast called "This Week with Larry Miller." He had a bad accident the other week. He is expected to fully recover. But they did re-post an episode this week. It is a good episode so go take a listen. But get well soon!!!!
  • My podcast is the red headed step child if Nerdist got it on with This week with Larry Miller and enjoyed a burrito afterwards. Now that's an image. Ok, this is only in my dreams but maybe one day? I'll be funny and inspirational but hopefully not bald. mmm...I'm going with silly with a touch of whimsy. Clearly I miss but...gotta keep trying.
  • It has been a tough week for everyone so I want to look at the positive stuff that happened.
  • I totally am not upset about being stood up by Nerdist for the 4th time. They did eventually reschedule but I'm really irritated. I do understand
  • Kickstarter is awesome. Both the projects I backed got funded! I donated to the Inspector Spacetime project. Also the Zack meets the Zombie book got funded!! It was tense there for a while.
  • I friended Ron Paulsen on FB. Honestly I rather he follow my twitter. I do more funny stuff there. NARF!
  • Recommendations of the week: Check out Scott Sigler on Nerdist! I've been following him on and off since 2005. If you like him then might I recommend Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff . His stories are really cool. I would also recommend Mike Bennett "One Among the Sleepless" is soooo good!!

I end the podcast by attempting Larry Miller's brilliant pod closer

Thank you for listening.  Seize YOUR burrito!

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Opening up theme is "Open Up Wide"  and closing theme is "Handbags and Gladrags" by University of Rhode Island Marching Band(2008) under the direction of Brian Cardnay.

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