My podcast explores entertainment culture (nerd, pop, ect),self improvement and philosophy with a touch of whimsy and humor.

Opening and closing songs are from the 2008 URI Ram Band. Opening song is "Get it on" and closing theme is "Voodoo"

In this episode I talk about the comedy central taping.  I got hang out with Gillian.  We saw the show twice.  Chris said hi to us.  I got a Chris Hardwick hug (tm pending).

I also met Chloe Dystra.  I was luke warm in my description of her.  The gentlemen around us asked "Who is that hot babe."  I told them it is the game reviewer and cosplay specialist Chloe Dystra.  She is very tall.  She was wearing heels.  I was not.

Ok, I'm hobbit sized so EVERYONE is taller than I am!!!  I get this. Nevertheless..she is very tall, young and beautiful. 

The portable recorder I am going to order is the Zoom H4N:

Feel free to comment, question, quemment, flame:!/DiHard11

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