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Episode 43: Do it again anyway!

This is my super special awesome Ben Folds Five celebratory podcast of their new album "The Sound of The Life of The Mind."

The first video featuring Ben Folds Five & Fraggles!!!!!! Welcome back you two crazy groups! Have I mentioned lately that I love this song?

Here is the making of the Ben Folds Five & Fraggles video:

Ben Folds on Nerdist October, 2011

Ben Folds & Fraggles September, 2012

Buy Ben Folds Five Album where ever you usually buy your multimedia!! Ben Folds Five website


Amazon (Be sure to use the Nerdist Link!!):

The Geoff Smith!

Thank you for listening! Remember, don't give up what you want most for what you want right now!

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The closing song is “Do it anyway” unreleased song by Ben Folds Five.

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