My podcast explores entertainment culture (nerd, pop, ect),self improvement and philosophy with a touch of whimsy and humor.

Show Notes:

  • From last week: The essence of last week's pod is the following: Give yourself a break, you are on a path of self-improvement. This path is full of hills and valleys. There are many bumps in the road so just keep going.
  • Characterize: Write three ridiculous "if-then" scenarios to strengthen decisions you've made.
  • Engineering Luck
  • Blind luck vs. Circumstantial Luck
  • Blind Luck is answering your front door to find a talking emu who brings you fortune and fame winning the lotto, having an event you didn't want to go to canceled due to bad weather
  • Circumstantial luck
  • Characterize Write something that happened to you recently. Write one way it could be considered bad luck and one way it could be considered good luck, just to demonstrate how perception affects value. Write five "lucky" things that happened o you, then determine if they were blind luck or circumstantial luck.

Life is too short not to have joy so go out there and make stuff! Support the show by subscribing on iTunes and leaving a review. Thank you!

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