My podcast explores entertainment culture (nerd, pop, ect),self improvement and philosophy with a touch of whimsy and humor.

Still  have the plague, I think it is related to the construction in the library.  My lungs are weak and frail.  *sigh*

I'm off to Germany.

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I have a week. Not much happened.....I am a top nerd on the Node.  I'm in good company! 

I'm working on my quemment for the Live Nerdist show in DC.  It has the potential to be awesome.  If I deliver it right it could be really powerful and awesome.


"Time is finite and nonrenewable, do not spend it on things that do not add to your long term happiness!" 

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A great group of Nerdist!

In this episode I talk about how I humble bragged!  Albert Brooks was gracious enough to reply to my tweet and wished Chris Hardwick a happy birthday.  This is the LAST time I'm mentioning it.  I swear/promise!  

I talk about the live show.  It was awesome! I got home at 1am but it was totally worth it.

Gladstone now follows me on twitter.  I have a feeling he won't be if he ever listens to this podcast. 

New ideas for segments:

1) A verse and a chorus...i sing a verse and a chorus of my favorite songs.  I love singing and this is a way to help me find my voice....

2) Bad Acting Theater.  I read from a script posted on Amazon script.  I am looking at Gladiators vs. Zombies.  This movie needs to be made.


Important Links:

1) Hate by Numbers

2) What if there were no more internet?  Find the answers here:

3) Nerdist Episode 146, Northampton, MA:


Thank you for listening!!

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Chris Hardwick had a birthday.  I did stuff.  Was it epic?  Probably not in the big picture of the universe or Mr. Hardwick's life but everyone learned an important lesson and grew as a result.


I did a video too:


Thanks for listening!

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  • The node
  • Marching Band
  • Mike Phirman (who is awesome)

Thank you for listening
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Listen to me babble on about my week and the newest social networking site 

It is currently in beta but shows a great deal of promise as well as the ability to chew up time.



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Music is Tim Mnchin's Not Perfect.  Much like that title this song is less than perfection.  Who needs perfection when you got heart right?  Mmmm.....

I wrote the lyrics and sang the song.  I'm not sure it was one of my better ideas.  While I love singing I'm not sure others love hearing it.  




This is the Nerdist

It is a community

fulled with nice and creative people

It was started by a guy who

hosted a show called singled out

and now he #humblebrags about that hair


And here's the really weid part

It was really simple at the start 

but now it is a global phenomena

This is the Nerdist

and its fine

it's where we spend the vast majroity of our (free) time

it's  not perfect but it's ours

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Here is the stuff I talk about:
Where did Di Hard goes Nerdist?
up coming events
the feeling of blah

Feel free to leave comments/flames/questions

Thank you for listening.
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1) More about why I'm podcating

2) Like a massocist in New York I'm Nerdist Bound

3) That Ram Band


NOTE:  I really need to lay off the Nerdist podcast.  I'm picking up too many Hardwick-isms although to be fair they were probably Di-isms first.  I suppose I could always use the age card.  Yeah!  That excatly what I'll do.  Oh who am I kidding.  


Thank you for listening.

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Music is from the 2008 URI Pass In Review

Opening music is Open Up Wide

Closing is Handbags and Gladrags

 This is from my first year back in that URI Marching Band.


Questions, comments, flames?

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