My podcast explores entertainment culture (nerd, pop, ect),self improvement and philosophy with a touch of whimsy and humor.

Opening and closing songs are from the 2008 URI Ram Band. Opening song is "Get it on" and closing theme is "Voodoo"

In this episode I talk about the comedy central taping.  I got hang out with Gillian.  We saw the show twice.  Chris said hi to us.  I got a Chris Hardwick hug (tm pending).

I also met Chloe Dystra.  I was luke warm in my description of her.  The gentlemen around us asked "Who is that hot babe."  I told them it is the game reviewer and cosplay specialist Chloe Dystra.  She is very tall.  She was wearing heels.  I was not.

Ok, I'm hobbit sized so EVERYONE is taller than I am!!!  I get this. Nevertheless..she is very tall, young and beautiful. 

The portable recorder I am going to order is the Zoom H4N:

Feel free to comment, question, quemment, flame:!/DiHard11

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I finally start reading from this awesome script.  It is epic.

I'm still waiting on tickets for CH's show.  Hope's spring eternal. 

My iTunes feed is still not fixed.  I think I will just delete and make a new on if this issue isn't resolved by next week. 

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Nerdist SF Sketchfest

New hosting site means new opening and closing music.  It's still the URI Ram Marching Band 2008.  The opener is Get It On and the closer is Voodoo.

This week I do the following:

1) complain about Mevio

2) talk about Nerdist Live

3) complain about Chris' old jokes and be thankful that he's doing a special

I may have to red-do my podcast on iTunes.  I'll let you know if/when that happens.





That podast is really Doctor Who: A Man with a Box Podcast.  I need to fire my producer.  ;-)

Doctor Who: Man in a box

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