My podcast explores entertainment culture (nerd, pop, ect),self improvement and philosophy with a touch of whimsy and humor.

Show Notes:

“If you believe you deserve good things and cultivate this skill of “putting yourself out there no matter what,” you will be ahead of 98 percent of the humans on this eroding rock” Chris Hardwick The Nerdist Way

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Show Notes

  • improv
  • PAX east

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Note: I was at Gallifrey One so the sound isn't the best.  But I think our converstaion more than makes up for this.  I really enjoyed talking to Travis about all things Nerdy!  Please bugg @nerdist to do a cameo in The Inspector Spacetime Chronicles?

Our converstation starts Travis is talking about the table read and how the adio didn't turn out as well as he hoped.

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The world is much poorer for the passing of Leonard Nimoy but richer for what he has left behind.  Here is his last tweet:  A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP


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