My podcast explores entertainment culture (nerd, pop, ect),self improvement and philosophy with a touch of whimsy and humor.
Episode 54: Sometimes the room gets dusty

I am eternally grateful to Trevor for giving me a real honest to goodness avatar/icon! I feel like a legit podcast! Links from the pod:  

  • My Twitter Awards:
  • Meaningless Awards 2012 best new pods @MissionLogPod @MadManBoxPod @FEaB_Podcast @JonahRaydio you win my continued support! #DiHardPod
  • Meaningless awards 2012: fav twitter @DoctorQuemmento @WGladstone @Pixelation @MattMira Thx for the consistent Lols! You win my admiration!
  • Meaningless Awards 2012: best fan friendly feeds @nerdist @twhiddleston @WilliamShatner You win my respect and non creepy hugs! :)
  • Meaningless awards 2012 Best Indi Films @birbigs and @JoshRadnor I can't say enough good about these films! Go buy 'em! Please?
  • Goals for 2013
  • From the Web! Favorite moments from TV. A random tweet from @nerdist.
  • A very special interview
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A very special Thank You to Trevor! He brought my vision of a logo to life! I feel like a real podcast now that I have a dedicated logo! *HUGS*

  • Shooting in CT
  • Read this article on the CT Tragedy:
  • I wish Chris Hardwick smelled like petrocol.
  • We (my guy and I) actually live in Markt Schwarben not Poing. Roland works in Poing. I know this!
  • Christmas and what it has come to mean to me. For me the holiday season is a time to decompress from the busy fall and get ready for the spring. This year it is very hard for me to be excited about Christmas. I cannot believe another year is gone. I'll save the introspection for next week's podcast.
  • Comments from Twitter: @DanBeyerle :listening to "Ho Ho Hoey" while setting up decorations and opening presents. Favorite Movie is "A Christmas Story"
  • @JamesEnsor: The Home Alone Dualogy. I don't consider 3, 4, or 5 to be legit Home Alone movies. #53
  • @Kacibelle national lampoon's Christmas vacation #holidayshenanagians
  • @rhinosaur aka Curtis: Muppet Christmas Carol followed closely by The Ref.
  • @Louie_Moo I think my favorite Christmas movie is probably Gremlins.
  • Invisible Mikey: Left a lovely message on my WordPress page.
  • My Top 5 and why.

Have a safe and fun holiday season! Remember, do not give up what you want most for what you want right now! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and listen to my silly little podcast. Songs used: Open up wide performed by the 2008 URI Marching Band under the direction of Brian Cardany. Do it anyway by Ben Folds Five

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So we begin with the mind. I have a bunch of revolutions to pass on to you. They might blow your mind!

  • Amazon
  • You are the warden rather than the prisoner of your emotions. - Chris Hardwick
  • The third is the Carlos Castaneda quote "We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” It only makes sense to put your energy into being happy. Making that decision only brings positive energy into your life. People like being around happy people.
  • Choose a positive attitude.
  • If you are looking for evidence to support your particular attitude, you will find it in the world. If you think the world is full of trolls, you will find them. In fact they are all you will see.
  • RPG Your Life
  • Character Tome
  • Quemment Time!
  • Today's Lesson: You deserve to be happy. More on that next week.

Here are some links that deal with the issues we discussed:

  • Josh Rodner:
  • Depression Comx:
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Episode 52: The Good and the Bad

In this episode I nerd out about my trip to Nashville and Memphis TN.

  • Sightseeing in Nashville
  • Shopping in Nashville including buying the pink boots because cowboy boots are cool! (Sez the Doctor!)
  • Chris Hardwick comedy set
  • JC Cope was the MC
  • Chris Killian was the "Middle" I forgot to mention that I referred to him as the "other" Chris. I also feel really bad about not buying his CD. One of these days I will remember to bring cash to the Nerdist events!
  • Super Special Awesome Welcome to the people I met in Nashville: Chris & Shannon, Glen, the family and the guys at the gas station on the way to Memphis!

Opening theme: "Get It On" performed by the 2008 University of Rhode Island Marching Band under the direction of Brian Cardany Ending Theme: "Do It Anyway" by Ben Folds Five off their album "The Sound of the Life of the Mind" available where you purchase your multimedia! Thank you for listening and reading! Remember, do not give up what you want most for what you want right now!


  • @ckcomedy
  • For more samples of TC Cope and Chris Killian:

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Episode 51b: You gotta BE!

Originally I was going to name this episode: I'm telling you guys, it's not a cult! But I listened to the Nerdist Episode "Microwave Beef." They were talking about Chris' birthday party. Jonah's go to kareoke song is "You gotta be." I have not heard this song in ages but I have no been able to keep it out of my head. So I recorded it. Yes I included it on this episode. YOU are welcome. This is my craziest episode to date. I apologize for rambling but hopefully you have fun listening!

Thank you for listening! Remember, do not give up what you want most for what you want right now! Larry Miller returns in 2013---if the Myans were wrong! But we all know they were! Opening Theme is "Open up wide" performed by the 2008 URI Marching Band. The closing theme is "Do it anyway" by Ben Folds Five. [youtube=""]

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