My podcast explores entertainment culture (nerd, pop, ect),self improvement and philosophy with a touch of whimsy and humor.

Music is Tim Mnchin's Not Perfect.  Much like that title this song is less than perfection.  Who needs perfection when you got heart right?  Mmmm.....

I wrote the lyrics and sang the song.  I'm not sure it was one of my better ideas.  While I love singing I'm not sure others love hearing it.  




This is the Nerdist

It is a community

fulled with nice and creative people

It was started by a guy who

hosted a show called singled out

and now he #humblebrags about that hair


And here's the really weid part

It was really simple at the start 

but now it is a global phenomena

This is the Nerdist

and its fine

it's where we spend the vast majroity of our (free) time

it's  not perfect but it's ours

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Here is the stuff I talk about:
Where did Di Hard goes Nerdist?
up coming events
the feeling of blah

Feel free to leave comments/flames/questions

Thank you for listening.
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